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Before you dive into the world of the Feline Council of the Philippines, Inc. (FCPI) and the cat fancy, a reminder: READING IS IMPORTANT. Breeding and showing cats is an undertaking not to be taken lightly. We expect our members to maximize the information on this website and to be responsible for their own education. As such, we are unlikely to respond to inquiries if the answers to such questions can be found on this website.

We understand that you may find all the information on this site overwhelming at first. PATIENCE is an important attribute to have in this hobby. If you love cats and you do your reading and research, the cat fancy is one big adventure you are likely to enjoy!


If you are on this page, you may already have a good idea of what FCPI does and why it was founded. FCPI is the FIRST FULL MEMBER CLUB of the WORLD CAT FEDERATION (WCF). Since 2018 we are one of the 280 clubs worldwide affiliated with WCF. If somehow you skipped through this information, you can read more about us by clicking here.


We are a MEMBERSHIP CLUB for people who love cats of all shapes and sizes. To avail of all our services, you must APPLY AS A MEMBER. It is therefore important for you to sign up FIRST,  receive your membership certificate BEFORE applying for any service. You may read more about the requirements and benefits of membership by clicking here.

Membership is renewed ANNUALLY. If you are an EXISTING MEMBER who would like to renew your membership, login to your account and click RENEW MEMBERSHIP button.

If you are a member of another WCF club but would like to TRANSFER your records (cattery, cat registration, etc.) with FCPI, please read our MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER POLICY.


Do you need a cattery name when you become an FCPI member? The answer is YES if you intend to breed cats. Your cattery name is like your cats’/kittens’ family name. We register cattery names with the WCF, on behalf of our members, and they are protected across the WCF system.

The WCF and FCPI has specific guidelines and policies regarding cattery names . The names you submit to us must be unique and original and comply with these guidelines. If the names you submitted are non-compliant, the application will be returned to you for correction. To avoid any delays in the approval of your cattery name, please read our POLICIES and GUIDELINES carefully, before submitting the form.

The WCF is the sole approving authority of cattery names. FCPI’s role is to file the application on your behalf and bring you into compliance with existing guidelines. As such, you must be comfortable with all the name choices you submit to FCPI.

AN IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: FCPI registers CATTERY NAMES only. CATTERY FACILITIES are registered by the Bureau of Animal Industry.   


Yes, we register cats, but it is important for you to determine which REGISTRATION CATEGORY applies to your cat.

Establishing ownership of your cat is an important requirement. Your name should either be reflected in your cat’s pedigree, or certificate of registration, or both BEFORE we allow its transfer to FCPI’s books. Alternatively, you may also submit a signed sales contract or deed of conveyance between yourself, and the last documented owner of the cat being registered. A sample sales contract or deed of conveyance may be downloaded here.

FCPI accepts pedigree transfer requests for cats whose pedigrees were issued by fellow WCF clubs and World Cat Congress members.

Experimental breeds, unrecognized breeds, unrecognized variants of a recognized breed, including cats that do not have complete ancestry records but resemble a recognized breed, fall under our provisional listing category.

Neutered or spayed domestic shorthairs may be recorded as household pets.

Can you register a cat with FCPI if the only documents you have are the sire and dam’s pedigrees?  We suggest that you ask the breeder to give you documentation for your cat or kitten (either a pedigree and transfer of ownership application or an FCPI litter ticket) so you may transfer or register the cat with FCPI.

You will receive a certificate of registration and certified pedigree from FCPI if your cat is full pedigreed. You will receive an ownership record and provisional listing certificate from FCPI if your cat is provisionally listed. You will receive a certificate of household pet recording if your cat is a household pet.


Congratulations, you have kittens! Now, you want to register them. Before registering your litter, you must first ensure that your dam and sire have been transferred to FCPI. A litter may only be registered if either the dam and sire have FCPI registration numbers.

Can you register a litter if you do not own either the sire or the dam which is nonetheless registered with FCPI? Yes, by submitting a lease recording form to FCPI. The form may be downloaded here.

Can you register a litter if either the sire or dam are not registered with FCPI? Yes, by submitting a supplemental admission form. The form may be downloaded here. The supplemental admission form may also be used for sires based in the Philippines but are not registered with FCPI.

It is a common misconception among new breeders that litter registration is the same as kitten registration. Litter registration is only the first step where we record the mating of a specific dam and sire and the number of kittens that were produced from that mating. Once your litter registration is approved by FCPI, you will be issued a certificate of litter registration and a unique litter ticket for every live kitten declared.

To complete the registration of your kitten, you must go to your member dashboard and register a cat via litter ticket. A filled-up litter ticket contains the name of the kitten, the name of the new owner and the characteristics of the kitten. Once you successfully submit a registration via litter ticket, the kitten shall be issued its own certified pedigree and certificate of registration.


Our schedule of fees may be found here. After your request is verified and validated, you will receive a billing from your FCPI agent. You have the option to pay through Paypal, Gcash or bank transfer. Carefully read the details of the billing before making any payment. Once payment has been made, upload the proof of payment in your member dashboard.


These are indicative timelines only, the actual fulfillment depends on whether the documents submitted to us are complete and unencumbered.

Transaction Cutoff Remarks
Membership (new and renewal) Approval during Mondays Within 7 working days after invoice is settled
Cattery Names Submission to WCF Germany every Mondays Within 21 working days after submission to Germany (provided no corrections were requested)
Foreign Cat Registration Review every Fridays Between 20 – 30 working days after the request has been paid (provided there are no issues on documentation)
Provisional Listing Review every Thursdays Between 14 – 20 working days after the request has been paid
Litter Registration Review every Wednesdays Between 14 – 20 working days after the request has been paid
Registration via litter tickets Review every Tuesdays Between 14 – 20 working days after the request has been paid

So as not to clog our inbox, please refrain from following-up if:

  1. You have yet to receive your billing,
  2. You have not settled your dues,
  3. Your request is still within the timelines prescribed above.

We hope this page has given you enough preview of what’s in store for you should you join the FCPI family. We look forward to meeting you and your cats soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn independently with our community.

Save time by reading through our FAQs. FCPI is a place of independent learning. The FCPI Online Feline Academy in Facebook is also a place where our members can interact with and learn from one another.

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At present, only members may avail of FCPI services.

If your cat has an authentic, certified pedigree from another international organization, they are eligible to be registered with FCPI.

In order for us to register your future kittens and keep its pedigree, its parents must be registered with FCPI as well.

Cats that are mixed breed may be recorded as household pets (HHP), unless both breeds are recognized as allowed outcrosses under WCF or WCC rules. If such is the case, they may enter the full pedigree register, foundation cat or provisional list, depending on the requirements they meet. Domestic cats (puspins) may also be recorded as HHP.
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