Cattery Name Registration

FCPI registers cattery names on behalf of its members with the World Cat Federation. FCPI/WCF cattery names are protected across WCF clubs all over the world. Cattery names are used as:

Cattery names are like trade names in that it allows people to identify the lines, ownership, or ancestry of the cat from the cattery name affixed to it. Registered cattery names are protected at an initial period of five years and may be renewed subsequently for another five-year period or for lifetime.

IMPORTANT: Please read the rules and general  guidelines before filling out the application form. Submissions which do not conform with the guidelines will NOT be processed. Your application will not progress until it conforms to the rules. 


  1. Cattery names will not be duplicated, and shall be protected in favor of the registrant.
  2. The Feline Council of the Philippines will initially register a cattery name for a period of five (5) years; the registrant may apply to renew the same at the end of each 5-year period and any subsequent renewal period.
  3. It is the breeder’s (registrant’s) responsibility to apply for a renewal of the cattery name registration. Six (6) months past its expiration, the cattery name may be made available to the next registrant, without any liability or prejudice to the FCPI. The initial rate will apply for all renewals made past this date.
  4. A cattery name cannot be a name of any recognized breeds, copyrighted materials or statutory titles (e.g. PRINCESS, DUKE, CHAMPION, GRCH, DOCTOR, etc.). It must not be obscene, profane, or derogatory.
  5. Special characters are not allowed, except for hyphens, spaces, apostrophe, and, asterisk used in conjunction with country code.
  6. A cattery name may not exceed 15 characters, including spaces, hyphens, country code affix, etc.
  7. Cattery name choices submitted by the applicant must be at least two letters different from each of the choices and with any existing WCF cattery name. Double letters (ee, nn, tt, etc.) count as one letter. Spaces, and the use or non-use of “S” does not constitute a letter difference.
  8. If the name of choice has already been registered with any other WCF member club, the name may still be accepted and approved, provided that the ISO country code has been appended following the name.
  9. ISO country or city codes may intentionally be applied in the name choices, but it may be rejected or revoked, if similar enough to any previously registered cattery name (“MAGNIFICATS*PH”, “MAGNIFICATS-PH” or “PHL MAGNIFICATS” none of the remaining names would be approved if any one of these names is already in active use).
  10. Do not include the word CAT/s, CATTERY or the name of a recognized breed (Fold, Coon, Sphynx, etc.) in your cattery name.
  11. Do not use high-profile people or copyrighted brand names, nor single first names (for example: Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Christina, etc.).



Please search the WCF database of cattery names before applying. Your application for a cattery name is more likely to be approved if it is not similar to any cattery name already registered in the WCF database. Please note that the database is not updated in real time and it is possible that your chosen cattery name may have been granted to another applicant at the time your application has been received. WCF retains the right to approve any of the choices you submitted.

Log-in to your FCPI account or create one in order to apply for a cattery name.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At present, only members may avail of FCPI services.

If your cat has an authentic, certified pedigree from another international organization, they are eligible to be registered with FCPI.

In order for us to register your future kittens and keep its pedigree, its parents must be registered with FCPI as well.

Cats that are mixed breed may be recorded as household pets (HHP), unless both breeds are recognized as allowed outcrosses under WCF or WCC rules. If such is the case, they may enter the full pedigree register, foundation cat or provisional list, depending on the requirements they meet. Domestic cats (puspins) may also be recorded as HHP.
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