Types of Registration

Like most World Cat Federation members across the world, the FCPI maintains the following books:

  1. Pedigree (or Full) Register (in European terminology also called Livre d’Origine or LO);
  2. Provisional List and Foundation Register (in European terminology also called Registre Initial et Experimental or RIEX); and
  3. Household Pet Record. Spayed or neutered feline domestic companions.

Pedigree / Full Register

Cats that are entered in the Pedigree or Full Register must:

  1. belong to a breed fully recognized and accepted by WCF
  2. with a recognized variety or color class for the actual breed
  3. have a pedigree of pure breeding of at least 3 generations prior to the actual cat from a recognized cat association preferably from a World Cat Congress member (for some breeds at least 5 generations are required)
  4. have information on the actual cat being registered:
    • name and titles,
    • date of birth,
    • sex,
    • registration number and the registering association,
    • breed/color/pattern as EMS code
  5. have the following information on parents:
    • names and titles,
    •  complete original registration numbers including the registering association, and
    • breed/color/pattern as EMS code
  6. have the following information on grandparents and great grandparents:
    •  names and titles,
    • complete original registration numbers including the registering association, and
    • breed/color/pattern as EMS code
  7. have the following information on great-great-grandparents:
    • names and titles,
    • breed/color/pattern as EMS code

If your cat meets the requirements above for full pedigree registration, their pedigree may be transferred to FCPI.

Provisional Listing

Any cat that does not meet the standard registration requirement may avail of the Provisional Listing Service. Provisionally listed cats include those that:

  • resemble a breed recognized by the WCF but do not have ancestry records to establish purebred status,
  • are breeds currently not recognized by the WCF but may be recognized by another World Cat Congress (WCC) member organization,
  • are produced in line with an approved experimental breeding program for a new breed in the early stages of breed recognition in any WCC member organization, and
  • possess traits not described by the current breed standard (breed variants).

If your cat meets the requirements above, they may be provisionally listed.

Foundation Cat Register

Entry into the Foundation Register is a two-step process. Any cat that does not qualify to the Pedigree Register must first be provisionally listed. Secondly, they must be shown under Novice Class and must attain “excellent” marks from two judges before being entered in the Foundation Register. Listed breeds or breed variants (e.g. color or cat length) which have been newly elevated or recognized by the WCF to full registration or championship status may also be applied for Foundation Cat status, provided that minimum registration requirements have been met. If your provisionally listed cat meets the requirement for Foundation Cat status, you may apply for the amendment of their registration status. Use our contact form to request for your cat’s transfer to the foundation register.

Household Pet Record

Cats may be recorded as household pets if they:

  • do not meet the requirements of both the Pedigree Register and Provisional List, or
  • are spayed and neutered domestic cats

Household pets compete on a separate category and may attain separate titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn independently with our community.

Save time by reading through our FAQs. FCPI is a place of independent learning. The FCPI Online Feline Academy in Facebook is also a place where our members can interact with and learn from one another.

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At present, only members may avail of FCPI services.

If your cat has an authentic, certified pedigree from another international organization, they are eligible to be registered with FCPI.

In order for us to register your future kittens and keep its pedigree, its parents must be registered with FCPI as well.

Cats that are mixed breed may be recorded as household pets (HHP), unless both breeds are recognized as allowed outcrosses under WCF or WCC rules. If such is the case, they may enter the full pedigree register, foundation cat or provisional list, depending on the requirements they meet. Domestic cats (puspins) may also be recorded as HHP.
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