Litter Registration

Responsible breeders keep accurate registration records of their cats’ offspring. Litters registered with the FCPI are recognized and may be transferred in other international cat organizations. Registration also helps us keep an accurate record of your kitten’s ancestry which you may access anytime.

FCPI members in good standing may register litters of their own breeding provided that they meet the following requirements:

Important: Offspring of PROVISIONALLY LISTED CATS may only be registered INDVIDUALLY (not as a litter) via the Provisional Listing Form.

If your full pedigreed sire and dam are registered with, or have been transferred to FCPI, click here to register your litter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At present, only members may avail of FCPI services.

If your cat has an authentic, certified pedigree from another international organization, they are eligible to be registered with FCPI.

In order for us to register your future kittens and keep its pedigree, its parents must be registered with FCPI as well.

Cats that are mixed breed may be recorded as household pets (HHP), unless both breeds are recognized as allowed outcrosses under WCF or WCC rules. If such is the case, they may enter the full pedigree register, foundation cat or provisional list, depending on the requirements they meet. Domestic cats (puspins) may also be recorded as HHP.
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