Forms and Template

This page contains forms and templates for miscellaneous services FCPI provides.

Deed of Conveyance

This template is used for documenting the ownership of the cat when the pedigree or certificate of ownership does not bear the current owner’s name. This template is for reference only. Applicants may use other formats so long as pertinent information are included.

Form 21A – Lease Recording 

Use this form to apply for the recording of a cat’s lease (e.g. stud service). Please note that only cats registered with FCPI are eligible for lease recording.

Form 21B.1 – Supplemental Admission of Sires Not Registered with FCPI

Use this form to apply for the admission of sires registered in other WCF clubs or WCC organizations, into FCPI’s stud books on a supplemental basis. This form must accompany a litter registration where the sire is NOT registered with FCPI but has nevertheless successfully bred a dam registered with FCPI. This form supersedes Form 21B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn independently with our community.

Save time by reading through our FAQs. FCPI is a place of independent learning. The FCPI Online Feline Academy in Facebook is also a place where our members can interact with and learn from one another.

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At present, only members may avail of FCPI services.

If your cat has an authentic, certified pedigree from another international organization, they are eligible to be registered with FCPI.

In order for us to register your future kittens and keep its pedigree, its parents must be registered with FCPI as well.

Cats that are mixed breed may be recorded as household pets (HHP), unless both breeds are recognized as allowed outcrosses under WCF or WCC rules. If such is the case, they may enter the full pedigree register, foundation cat or provisional list, depending on the requirements they meet. Domestic cats (puspins) may also be recorded as HHP.
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