Here are a few common questions we get asked often.

  1. Can I avail of FCPI services without being a member?
  1. I have a cat whose pedigrees were issued by another registry, can I transfer their registration under FCPI?
  1. My cat has WCF papers issued by a WCF club in a country where I imported it from, why do I need to register again under FCPI?
  1. My cat is mixed breed, can I register it with FCPI?
  1. My cat resembles a certain breed, but does not have documentation to prove that it is purebred, how do I apply for registration with FCPI?
  1. Can I register a litter if both or either the dam and sire are not registered with FCPI?
  1. How will I know if the cat I recently purchased is FCPI registered?
  1. The breeder refuses to issue my cat’s papers, can FCPI intervene?
  1. My cat’s pedigree is fake, what can I do?
  1. Can FCPI refuse to register a cat through its pedigree? In this case, why would FCPI retain a portion of the fee?

* Please note that for some cat associations, certain breeds require at least five generations of pure breeding before entry into the full register is permitted.

Disclaimer: FCPI reserves the right to modify or delete any portion of this document without prior notice. Information contained in this document are for illustrative purposes only. They may be superseded at any time due to amendments in the by-laws, WCF policies, or by national and local legislation with jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At present, only members may avail of FCPI services.

If your cat has an authentic, certified pedigree from another international organization, they are eligible to be registered with FCPI.

In order for us to register your future kittens and keep its pedigree, its parents must be registered with FCPI as well.

Cats that are mixed breed may be recorded as household pets (HHP), unless both breeds are recognized as allowed outcrosses under WCF or WCC rules. If such is the case, they may enter the full pedigree register, foundation cat or provisional list, depending on the requirements they meet. Domestic cats (puspins) may also be recorded as HHP.
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